Toshiba Enterprise Hard Disk Drives

Toshiba is known worldwide for more than 50 years of industry-leading innovation. This is also the driving force behind the MG series. In addition, the comprehensive 5-year warranty on the Enterprise Capacity Hard Drive - MG Series provides absolute peace of mind.

Toshiba MG hard disk drives are designed for enterprise storage arrays and industrial server and storage systems. The MG drive offers the capacity and advanced technologies needed to meet the special requirements of data centre infrastructures and cloud systems.

MG Series ensures high reliability by minimising the effects of vibration with advanced monitoring and sensing technology. Multiple sensors detect the slightest shocks and built-in RV sensors compensate for detected rotational oscillations to eliminate the potential occurrence of 'domino' vibration in multi-bay server systems.

  • Available capacities: 10TB, 12TB, 14TB and 16TB
  • Business-critical serverand storage systems with capacity needs
  • Mainstream Enterprise storage arrays (RAID, software defined)
  • Cloudand hyperscale storage systems
  • Distributed File Systems / Big Data
  • Enterprisearchive and data recovery systems and the cloud
  • Centralised storage systems for monitoring data
  • Industrial serverand storage systems
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