High market share of Synology among Belgian companies

For 20 years, Synology has been an institution for prosumers and small businesses when it comes to data storage and backup. In recent years, Synology has paid more attention to its business customers, from SMB to enterprise. This is highlighted by the release of several business solutions, such as the license-free Active Backup Suite, and the launch of new high-performance hardware - for example, the UC3200 and the SA3600. With the release of its own HDDs and SSDs, Synology now also has the full hardware chain in its hands.

In addition, Synology has developed many partnerships for on-site services across Europe, keeping Synology as reliable as ever for businesses. Furthermore, they offer a wide range of software thanks to the DSM operating system. DSM, manages, controls and updates the entire server and hard drives. Synology systems are now optimized for business use.

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This led to the trust of many large organizations in Europe. UNESCO is one of the major Synology customers deploying the equipment. UNESCO has offices in 17 countries equipped with Synology servers, which include virtual machines but also backups. Synology also has many users in diverse markets and a very strong foothold in the education, healthcare and public sectors.

Het Streek school district in the Netherlands, for example, is equipped with Synology servers and backs up about 3,000 Microsoft 365 accounts with the license-free Active Backup for Microsoft 365 solution. The Synology infrastructure also allows them to save nearly €21,000 per year compared to other solutions.

This recent business focus by Synology has paid off. According to a study conducted by the influential TechPulse Synology is now the leading provider of enterprise storage in Belgium with a 14.8% share, ahead of HPE and Dell Technologies.

Synology also received an excellent satisfaction score of 8.8 out of 10, the highest among all storage brands listed in the study.

Synology has now proven to be a major player in the business storage market, and the recent announcements will further contribute to this development.

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