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New: Synology DS923+, a versatile 4-bay NAS

A smart storage device to bring together and centrally manage, store and share the growing mountain of digital data.

Synology Partner Day 2022 - Tuesday, November 29 at the Jaarbeurs Utrecht, the Netherlands

Discover Synology's new solutions in data storage, business protection and virtual services.

Cloud computing, today and tomorrow 

Cloud computing originally refers to a network with several computers, but that is long gone, let alone for the latest generations, X, Y, Z. 

New: Synology WRX560 Wifi 6 Mesh Router

Wi-Fi 6 technology combined with powerful internal antennas deliver faster speeds for more devices and provides a longer range.

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Necessary security update Synology

Recently, Synology informed users that the DSM software for some models suffers from possible security risks.

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Why choose a router from Synology?

Synology's routers offer numerous tools to build a reliable and secure home network.

When was your last backup?

According to Wasabi, many small businesses lose their data simply because they don't back it up. Do they?

Synology HDD Replacement Service

After receiving the defective hard drive, we can quickly exchange it and you will have a replacement in your home within a few days.

Webinar: Protecting enterprise data with Synology Active Backup Suite

In this webinar, discover how businesses can protect their data from ransomware and other threats with Synolog's solutions.

Budget Day encourages Cloud storage

For business owners, especially in these times, it is very difficult to determine where the ceiling is when it comes to energy consumption. Now where can you save on energy when you are just growing as a business?

QNAP launches new models

The QNAP TS-x64 series are powerful storage devices with comprehensive features and deliver the best performance within business environments.

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Protect company data with Acronis Cyber Protect

In addition to local storage, more and more data is being stored in the Cloud. By using more locations, redundancy is increased and, in the event of an incident, recovery can occur more quickly.