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Why is a backup of Microsoft Office 365 necessary? 

Microsoft is not responsible for protecting the data stored within Office 365. This means that data can easily be lost by hackers, as well as through technical faults or disasters.

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Simplify workflow with CalDigit

The CalDigit TS4 is not only the most powerful model ever made, but also has the most ports, fastest charging capabilities and 2.5GbE.

Interview with ITchannelPRO

Real Solutions from Haarlem is the oldest distributor of Network Attached Storage in the Benelux. When the company started with NAS in 2004, the demand was mainly from prosumers. Nowadays, NAS is also common in companies.

Who is responsible for the company data, the IT or security department?

Hackers are out to steal important information; passwords, financial data, strategic plans, contacts, in fact anything that can make them money.

A balance between People, Planet and Profit

At Real Solutions, we do business based on the 3 Ps: People, Planet and Profit. In addition to achieving a healthy profit margin, we always consciously seek a balance between these 3 Ps.

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Toshiba Enterprise Hard Disk Drives

Toshiba is known worldwide for more than 50 years of industry-leading innovation. It is also the driving force behind the Enterprise class MG series of hard drives.

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NAKIVO & QNAP Live Joint Webinar

Combining a powerful backup solution with reliable storage hardware creates a low-cost backup application that ensures data integrity and improves data protection activities.

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Power for Ukraine!

In cooperation with ReShift (power to the people) and ROC Nova College, we have donated 1000 powerbanks to the people affected by the emergency situation in Ukraine.

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Synology DiskStation Manager 7.1 (Beta)

A streamlined user experience, improved login security, flexible hybrid cloud storage and system monitoring in the Cloud, combined with better and faster storage technologies.

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A smooth workflow with the CalDigit Element Hub

Connecting multiple external SSDs, SD card readers, RAID storage or dual 4K monitors to a laptop or PC? That's no longer a problem with CalDigit Thunderbolt 4 Element Hub.

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Colour camera images day and night

Hikvision's industry-leading ColorVu technology captures high-quality colour video 24/7, so that people and property are shown with the same sharpness in both daylight and night-time conditions. 

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Synology security breach

Synology has discovered a vulnerability in the operating system of its NAS devices. This can be exploited by attackers to execute arbitrary codes.