NAKIVO Backup & Replication Software

Backup, Replication & Protection

NAKIVO protects your business data and provides an integrated approach to data protection, ensuring that critical business data and applications can be easily restored in the event of ransomware and other disasters.

Fast, reliable and affordable software solution
Data protection and site restoration for SMEs and large enterprises
Built with automation and reliability in mind
Simple and user-friendly
Ensuring business continuity


Fast and reliable VM data protection
Complete suite of backup, replication and recovery functions for physical, virtual and cloud environments
High flexibility and multiple automation options
More than 14,000 companies using it
Time, cost and scalability

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Experience ease of use, speed and power
Install in minutes and perform the first backup task
Suitable for virtual, physical, cloud and SaaS

Real Solutions Haarlem is authorised distributor for the Benelux of NAKIVO solutions: NAKIVO backup, replication and recovery software, for b2b reseller partners with their own technical service department.


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