Seagate Lyve Mobile

Save costs and time

Lyve Mobile from Seagate® is a high-capacity peripheral storage solution that allows businesses to aggregate, store, move and activate their data.

Scalable, modular and vendor independent, this integrated solution eliminates network dependencies so you can transfer huge data sets quickly, securely and efficiently.

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Fast and secure data transfer
Automate your workflow with versatile interfaces and a turnkey storage array
Flexible subscription: data storage no longer a capital expense, but an operational cost
This peripheral storage solution is non-labor intensive and ready for use in peripheral, office and data center environments

How does it work?

Whether you need to ingest and move large amounts of data onsite or you want to make a quick copy of an existing data location to move it to a new server or Cloud, Seagate Lyve makes this easy and affordable through a scalable subscription structure.

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Rent a system when you need it
Save high purchase and maintenance costs
Save a lot of time in addition to money
Your data safely and quickly encrypted in the Cloud

Cloud import in all simplicity

With Cloud Import from Lyve Mobile, teams can quickly and easily transfer their data from any endpoint and any peripheral or main location to the Cloud of their choice, including multi-cloud platforms, and regardless of bandwidth.

Use the Lyve Management Portal to add the service to your project subscription, validate login credentials and set up import requests.

We work with Seagate to arrange the logistics, so you can receive and return import devices quickly and easily
The Seagate Lyve experts import to the Cloud(s) of your choice
Seagate Secure technology, device tracking and crypto-graphic erasure provide data protection for the entire lifecycle of your data.
A fixed price for each import, no unpleasant surprises
Available from 8TB (SSD), for Eur 320,00 p.month


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