StarWind HyperConverged Appliance

Why choose HyperConverged Solution from StarWind?

For organizations who are looking to minimize application downtime but are limited on IT team resources and/or budgets, we offer the StarWind HyperConverged Appliance (HCA). StarWind HCA is a 100% software-defined hyperconverged platform built with Dell® OEM or StarWind-branded server platform. There’s a lot we offload from customer’s shoulders: picking the right hardware and software, and integrating the HyperConverged Appliance in your datacenter.

Our engineering team does it all for you at no extra cost! It’s also the only solution among other hyper converged appliances that offers true HA with just a single onsite node. The days when you had to chase support when something breaks are gone: HCA ProActive Premium Support monitors the cluster 24/7, predicts failures and reacts to them before things go South. Thereby, we minimize downtime and management efforts even further.

PS: we’ll price match if you manage to get a DIY cluster using the same parts and services at a lower price tag! How? By sharing our partner discounts with you.

(that’s why competitors hate us)

Why hyperconvergence?

A traditional IT infrastructure typically has multiple independent components, often from different vendors. This causes 2 common issues: first, each component requires dedicated management tools. And second: some tinkering is always required to make all components run together smoothly.

These issues are partially solved by converged infrastructures (CI). Customer gets a set of separate compute, storage, and networking resources optimized for better interoperability. However, this approach doesn’t solve the administration complexity issues, requiring dedicated tools to manage different parts of the infrastructure. One more CI drawback is non-transparent scaling. Servers, storage, and networking equipment has to be scaled individually. Also, large amount of hardware leads to high CAPEX and OPEX.

Yet, all these issues are completely resolved by hyperconverged IT infrastructure approach. Hyperconverged infrastructures (HCI) consolidate compute, storage, and networking resources within a single “building block”. HCI completely resolves the management complexity problem by leaving the “separate components – separate management” approach behind. You simply manage your VMs or applications, instead of dealing with each component individually, while the infrastructure does the rest for you. Ultimately, hyperconvergence grants transparent scaling options, providing the ability not only to scale up by adding more drives, memory, or CPUs, but also to scale out by adding cluster nodes. Also, since there is less hardware to purchase and no proprietary hardware to maintain, CAPEX and OPEX become significantly lower.

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